Theme Based Learning

At SKA Public School, we follow a theme-based approach to teach our students and help them learn. This approach connects the different areas of the curriculum and integrates them within a theme. We follow this effective approach suggested by John Dewey, the famous American psychologist, philosopher, and educational reformer that relates to real-life experiences.

We offer thematic units in the preschool for young children to learn through interactive and hands-on activities. Such thematic units are preferred by mainstream educators and kids. It offers a coordinated method to deal with education and learning with real-world experiences. So, we encourage our children to learn things in a way that they prefer. With thematic learning, we offer instructions incorporating different knowledge branches as a single subject. So, we help kids relate education to true thoughts. We intertwine different methodologies to ensure your child has the best learning experience.

We ensure your child understands his/her unique strengths and boosts them. At SKA Public School, your children can explore different methods to learn and use their skills they have acquired. Our instructors follow the Montessori methodology and plan the curriculum skillfully and integrate it into a framework to ensure your child can grasp academic skills and life skills. We encourage critical thinking and provide ample opportunities to ensure the child can have overall development.