A Day at SKAPS

Each day at SKA Public School is filled with joy and fun. Learning constitutes an integral part of a student’s life, but schools are not just that. The CPS is one of the best English medium schools in town for a reason. The CPS team believes in making each day a memorable one for the students. A bully-free and healthy environment is what the CPS have built so that children can grow up to be strong, independent, and empathetic individuals.

Beginning of the day

As soon as the day begins, students are welcomed into the school. With a planned set of activities, and it is ensured that children settle down with ease. Giving kids time to settle into the new environment for the day, allows them to absorb the energy of the surrounding so that they are prepared for the course of the day.


Assembly allows children to come together and connect with every person in the school. The SKA Public School is a secular institution and believes that connecting with a higher power inculcates spirituality in children from a very young age. Power breathing exercises and folding hands in gratitude. Additionally, students are provided an opportunity to speak to a larger audience. So every assembly includes different activities such as reading out an excerpt or sharing thoughts and anecdotes etc, such that students can overcome stage fright.

Circle Time

Students need to interact freely with each other in order to promote free thinking. Be it part of the recess or games classes or sports classes, students interact in their own comfort zone. It is a space that is the students’ own. Expression is fluid and circle time allows students to do so.

Curricular Activities

Curricular activities are part of the school curriculum. It helps everyone indulge in their own passions. A creative outlet allows students to explore their likes and dislikes. Be it dancing, singing, craft, art, various sports activities, and others, it allows students to look within and indulge in their little world of happiness. Encouraging creative activities, intellectual activities such as debate, poetry recitals, plays, multilingual learning sessions can help students evolve in more ways.