Education at SKAPS and SKAGIC does not only facilitate learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits and personal development but it also lays emphasis on character building and being humane.

We at SKAPS and SKAGIC help our students to become good human beings rather than just providing them knowledge from books. Our teachers are compassionate and caring towards children and teach the children to show great compassion and care for others especially elders. Organising charitable events is part of the school calendar and it enables us to maintain a balance in producing good students when they leave the school.

Our senior students help the under – privileged children with their old books and coaching so that they are kept abreast with the latest information and technology. This is also a regular practice in both the schools.

Education is not only confined to reading or writing. If we can serve the society by simple deeds of giving and showing compassion towards the needy and the poor in the society our purpose in life is fulfilled and our aim to make our children more humane is achieved. Being humane is linked to a higher level of a person’s character and our goal at SKAPS and SKAGIC is to produce excellent students in academics and character building and good human beings.